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 The Kingdom Building She Shed is a workshop for Christian women to learn God's Word in a practical, easy to understand way to:

  1. GET the tools we need

  2. SHED the mess we don't

  3. BUILD God's Kingdom on PURPOSE!

It happens in a Facebook Group FOR women, but men are always welcome!   

You may also want to join the email list!  Those on the list receive Dr. A's notes from EVERY Live Teaching within 24 hours of the lesson!  

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Get the She Shed Notes Sheet!

Stop writing notes from The Kingdom Building She Shed on a blank sheet of paper! 

The Kingdom Building She Shed Notes Sheet is all you need each week that gives you the spaces to:

  • Note the topic and date!

  • Record each of the 3 tools covered for the week

  • Record the scripture references

  • Note what you should SHED & Work it!

  • Note any additional insights and revelations you don't want to lose!

Print it or capture notes electronically! 

It's a FILLABLE pdf! And it's FREE!

P.S. This also signs you up to receive Dr. A's notes each week!

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