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My name is Dr. Angela D. Thomas,

I'm affectionately known as"Dr. A"and here's a bit more about me!


God has been INCREDIBLY gracious, kind, and just flat out AWESOME to me!!!  Everything about my background said I should fail -- BUT GOD!  When I was 13, my mother survived being shot five times in front of my grandparents' house on the streets of Detroit, and three years later I gave birth to my son at the age of 16 -- BUT GOD!  I was fortunate that I was able to transform my LIFE through God's help and strength going on to earn four degrees and build an executive career in healthcare all while raising my son!   God has used these experiences in my life to cultivate several gifts -- Teacher, Author, Speaker, Coach, Leader, Academic, and much more.  And for all He's done for me, simply put, it's my RESPONSIBILITY to use it ALL For Kingdom Building!

Because I know you want to know (and you really should ask), here's the resume-type stuff:

  • Bachelor of Science, Biopsychology & the Cognitive Sciences, University of Michigan

  • Master of Public Health, Health Behavior & Health Education, University of Michigan

  • Master of Business Administration, Walsh College of Accountancy & Business

  • Doctor of Public Health, Advanced Practice Leadership, University of South Florida

  • Inaugural TEDxFredericksburg Organizer

  • Vice President, Board of Directors, Zion Church of Fredericksburg

  • Healthcare Executive

  • Author

  • Published Scientist

  • Invited Speaker and Teacher

  • Video Blogger 

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certified LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Faculty at two universities

  • Lover of Jesus and His People

  • Wife and Mother

  • Founder of Christian Apparel line -- Shop Now!

  • Lifelong student of all things God, Bible, business and leadership!


While hopefully all this resume stuff should give me credibility in your eyes, the great news for you is that you don't need all this for God to use YOU!  God has been good to us ALL and has given us ALL gifts and talents!  In return, we just need to honor our responsibility to use those gifts and talents For Kingdom Building!  My responsibility is to do EVERYTHING I can and EVERYTHING He's gifted ME with to encourage YOU to do just that!  

Much Love,

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