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iGift Kingdom Apparel Founder, "Dr. A" does a lot more than just sell Christian Women's Spiritual T shirts!  She's also an Author!

Get your autographed copy of the #1 Amazon Bestseller in TWELVE categories!  Bullets, Babies, and Boardrooms by Dr. A!


Dr. Angela D. Thomas (affectionately known as “Dr. A”) uses her knack for storytelling, her gift of teaching, and decades of life-long learning to reveal the personal and professional lessons that unlock the secrets to extraordinary success that anyone can apply to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and accomplish their dreams. It’s one of the best success books for women, for young adults, and even for teens!

As a teen mom turned doctor, Dr. A certainly had the odds stacked against her. Raised in the crime-ridden streets of Detroit, her family was turned upside down at age 13 when her parents divorced and days later her mother was shot five times in her stomach by a hitman – and survived! Adding to the family turmoil, just three years after the shooting, Dr. A became a teen mom, young and pregnant while still in high school. Despite it all, she went on to earn three degrees and six figures before the age of 30, all while raising her son and working full time! She later earned her fourth degree, a doctorate in just 2.5 years! Using secrets that fostered career management for life, she didn’t just beat the odds, she crushed them!

How did she do it? How can you do it? The answers boil down to three words – Mindset, Resilience, and Action – each 1) representing a critical leg in what Dr. A calls “The Three-legged Success Stool” and 2) mapping to three critical phases of her life – Bullets, Babies, and Boardrooms!

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Adjust your mindset for success
  • Overcome challenges and adversity
  • Achieve results effectively and efficiently

Dr. A has sustained success in her career as a healthcare executive and university professor. Her established career spanning over 20 years has led to national and international awards, presentations, and academic publications. In this book, she uses her career journey and the lessons along the way, which yields a power-packed resource that readers have called one of the BEST:

  • Career guidance books
  • Mindset growth books
  • Success self help books
  • Confidence development books
  • Growth books for entrepreneurs

On top of it all, Dr. A is a Black Christian woman, wife, and mother, who dedicates much of her personal time to her family and to ministry in her local church, and STILL crushes her goals, which also has readers calling this book one of the BEST:

  • Women career books
  • Self motivation books for women
  • Career books for adults
  • Black women memoirs
  • Black women spiritual books
  • Christian living books
  • Christian leadership books

Grab a copy to start your journey to achieving extraordinary success today!

Autographed Copy of Bullets, Babies, and Boardrooms!

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
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